Open Hornet - ABSIS 2.0 Mega PCB With SMD Assembly

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ABSIS 2.0 Mega - RS485 Slave Device/USB Standalone

PCB with SMD Assembly

The Arduino Based Simulator Interface System (ABSIS) 2.0 Mega is a Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Shield.

The ABSIS Mega is the larger of the two I/O PCBs. This PCB is used to directly interface with simulator controls and pass data back and forth with the bus master. It is capable of accepting 51 digital inputs (11 of those being PWM) and 16 analog inputs (which can also be used as additional digital inputs if required.) It accepts a six pin mini-fit MOLEX connector for data/power from the bus master PCB.

Our PCBs use a Black Silk Screen

Open Cockpit Shop Ltd. is a Authorized Vendor for the Open Hornet Project

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