About OpenHornet Project

OpenHornet is a DIY open source Simulation Cockpit for F-18 enthusiast, visit www.openhornet.com for more details. Due to the nature of an ever evolving project parts and kits may change, the parts will be listed with the revision and the release they were designed for. Open Cockpit Shop Ltd. provides users with Kits sourced by purchasing in bulk and creating the kits for end users. For electronics, specifically PCBs they are ordered directly from JLCPCB and broken down to individual parts (Why order 5 of a PCB when you only need 1 or 2).

General Liability Waiver

By ordering PCBs from Open Cockpit Shop Ltd. you waive Open Cockpit Shop Ltd. of any liability due to improperly designed, manufacturing defect, and/or user error. The PCBs are provided either raw (just PCB no components) or with SMD parts soldered on (service provided by JLCPCB).

Open Cockpit Shop Ltd. hold no responsibilities for any equipment failures due to user error.

Open Cockpit Shop Ltd. is a authorized vendor for the OpenHornet project


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