Open Cockpit Shop Ltd. is officially an Open Hornet Authorized Vendor

Open Cockpit Shop Ltd. (OCS) is proud to announce we have partnered with the team at OpenHornet and are now an Authorized Vendor.

About OpenHornet

OpenHornet is an Open Source Project that allows you to build your own personal Hornet flight simulator. OpenHornet is a 1:1 replica of an F/A-18C lot 20 Hornet cockpit for home entertainment purposes. It is a simulator you build, and sit inside to provide a realistic environment for home flight simulation. It is designed to work with the Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) F/A-18C Hornet module, utilizing DCS-BIOS for the software interface layer between your PC and the simulator.

What will OCS be providing


OCS will be focused on procuring and manufacturing the Electronic components for the OpenHornet project. Starting in early March we will have the ABSIS 2.0 Master, Mega, and Nano in stock ready to order.


OCS will also be providing kitted items for the project including but not limited to:

  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Switch Bats
  • Screws/Nuts/Bolts
  • Switches, Buttons, and much more

 If you are curious about the OpenHornet Project